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FROM ROSWELL TO VARGINHA, First Chapter, part 1

From Roswell to Varginha

De Roswell a Varginha / Renato A. Azevedo – São Paulo: Tarja Editorial 2008
ISBN: 978-85-61541-01-9

Foreword by A.J. Gevaerd, publisher of Brazilian UFO Magazine


Somewhere in New Mexico
Fourth of July 1947

It was early evening. The jeep ran a dusty trail, the heat was stifling, typical of summer, and the driver struggled to maintain an expression that everything was absolutely normal. He had seen many strange things in the past two days, and not wanted in any way call the attention of his superiors. Some colleagues had already been transferred, and no one heard anything else about them.

The man on the passanger seat had arrived a few minutes ago from Washington, where he had been called urgently. The driver´s  orders was that his passenger was taken without delay to the local of the debris, and that was all he had to know. So many secrets and interrogations, and he, a mere driver, tought as if the best thing to do was to leave that area as soon as possible.
The jeep has finally arrived, after passing through four checkpoints. The officer who traveled in it go out, and the vehicle turned around, returning to the Roswell base. In that night, the driver, frightened and aghast, would be transferred to Southeast Asia.

At the crash site the officer, who was short and wared glasses, spent rapidly for all checks with a certain air of superiority. It was only a lieutenant, but from military intelligence, and because of the  exceptional circumstances and seriousness of the problem they were facing, he was the highest authority there, and could give orders even to the generals.

After carefully observing hundreds of meters of land, still covered by debris weirder than any human being had ever seen, he received from the hands of someone a dossier with photos from another site of impact, which was distant only a few kilometers there. The pictures almost rolled his stomach, but that feeling was quickly replaced by awe and amazement, before what could only be described as the greatest discovery in history.
That was how the officer thinked about the events.

An admiral who was part of a small group of officers, the people who were better informed about the situation at that moment, asked him what he thought of that. Lieutenant Reynolds was going to answer when another officer that he recognized as General Ramey, the man who had earlier denied the story that came out in Journal of Roswell Daily, amended another question: would that event any relation with Kenneth Arnold's sighting on June 24?

Reynolds knew that Ramey and any one of those officers did not care to sacrifice major Jesse Marcel. National security came first and he decided to respond questions honestly.
- From what I see, gentlemen, I can say with conviction that it is neither a weather balloon or a V-2 rocket, much less anything from the Soviets.

Someone made a remark about the little green men from Mars. Everyone laughed, except Reynolds. His expression were serius, and the laughter disappeared, and he replied:
- I believe they are not from Mars. My personal opinion is that they come from outside our solar system. Moreover, the photos shown that they are not green, but gray. And I would like go to the other site to see better.

A few hours later, they had already inspected the second crash site, and left the shack that served as the infirmary and morgue. All were silent, deeply shaken by what they had seen. Had already made the first orders of child-sized coffins to accommodate the corpses. Two
creatures were still alive, and the security in Base Roswell further increased in order to receive them and also the wreckage.

Ramey again asked him what he thought. Added observations about these mysterious reports, describing unknown objects accompanying the aircraft during their missions in war. He was visibly shaken. They had just come out the most devastating war the world had ever seen. Suddenly that streange things appeared, coming from no one knows where. They had every reason to keep everything under the utmost secrecy. Reynolds commented:
- My brother has produced one of these reports, General, at the time he flew a P-51 Mustang in escorting a group of B-17 that would attack Berlin in November 1944. After the war I was called to Germany where I had the opportunity to examine reports of Germam pilots, describing the same things.

One more question was asked. Would even be aliens? Reynolds looked at the brigadier who had formulated it. His expression said it all without words. Looked every one present, and announced:
- I will make a report to President Truman recommending all be kept in total secrecy regarding this subject. Let us be practical, gentlemen. Even with all of our structure, there will always be
leaks on this subject for the press. Our guideline will be deny at all costs. An event like this has the power to change the world order, and we just ended a war! We cannot risk the recovery process, here or in Europe.
Some have raised objections, but Ramey made them to shut up. He agreed with Reynolds, saying that would make similar recommendations to the president. The lieutenant added:

- Back in town, I noticed that the guest list of the hotel includes names of Bell and Einstein. I believe a group should be formed, with people better able to deal with this problem. It's something unprecedent, gentlemen. The secret must be kept until we know who they are, where they come from, and how they come to us. And most important: what they want from us!

Fort I and Itaipu, Brazil
Four November 1957

The night was calm and the two soldiers in their posts surveillance only awaiting the end of their periods in duty to rest a little. They talked about unimportant issues to divert the sleep, when suddenly noticed a strange light in the sky.
Trying to stay calm, they grabbed their weapons, while continued to observe the light. It was like a star, but its brightness increased quickly. A few hundred meters high, the object stopped over the fort.
The two men did not know what to do. The object was circular, with about thirty meters in diameter, and completely silent. It emitted an eerie orange glow, and the soldiers still were paralyzed when they heard a humming noise, as of from electrical equipment.

At the same moment they felt a strong heat wave. Before they could find shelter, their uniforms burst into flames. Both shouted and tried to flee, while already the movement in the fort could be heard. The soldiers of the fort, alarmed, came in time to observe the object moving away. The lights remained inexplicably off, and that increased the panic.
Moments later the thing was gone and the lights came up. The two sentries, with burns of second and third degree, received medical care. Strangely, the body parts that their uniforms did not cover were not affected. Everyone that was involved wrote reports and the authorities recommend total silence about the event.
Air Force patrols were launched, but nothing unusual was found.

The U.S. embassy was contacted and, days later, military experts from that country arrived to interview the witnesses.
There were many questions, some guesswork, and no response. Assumptions about "someone" know humanity´s taste for war over the centuries, just recently out of Second World War, and about that "someone" have a certain fear about the recent launch of Sputnik on October 4 that year, that could be be the beginning of our presence in space, and also military presence  in space, were considered.
In the end, the policy of secrecy prevailed. The conjectures have been abandoned. The garrison of the fort, transferred. For all intents and purposes, the events at Fort Itaipu had never happened.

Brasilia, Brazil
Second half of January 1996

Confidential reports began to arrive in those days, describing the presence of strangers radar contacts between southern Minas Gerais and the north and northwest of Sao Paulo. Much of the information came from U.S. military satellites, and Americans rushed to inform his fellow Brazilians. Quickly, considering the alarming situation, military posts in the region were placed on alert.

Near Varginha, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Twenty of January 1996, 1:30 pm

The small farm near the city experienced a quiet morning like any other. The atmosphere of serenity, however, was broken when the owner was awaken by the noise the cattle did, to run from one side to another.
They found the situation strange, and he and his wife opened the window, and were surprised as they saw a cylindrical object, the size of a minibus, floating over the farm, blowing smoke. During forty minutes they observed it in fear. Finally, the object disappeared behind a hill toward the city.

Varginha, Minas Gerais
Morning and early afternoon of January 20, 1996

At 8:30 pm, the local fire department was called out the complaint that a strange animal went through the outskirts. About two hours later, witnesses observed the action of firefighters, when something was placed on a network, then inside a box, and this in turn be wrapped in the back of an army truck, which appeared suddenly from nowhere.
Later, it was after 14 hours, when some people heard shots rifle, and then noticed soldiers emerging from a nearby forest, carrying two black bags.
One of the bags moved.

Varginha, Minas Gerais
Twenty of January 1996, 15:30

Three girls were doing their usual path going home after work. To shorten the distance to their home, they went through a wasteland. Later it was learned that this place is located only three blocks where the action of firefioghters occurred that same morning.
One of the girls suddenly saw something standing next to a wall. The three approached fearful, seeing a creature of brown skin, veins jumped on his shoulders, and a strong odor of ammonia. One of the young women commented that it could be the devil.
At that moment, the thing turned its head, enormous in relation to its body, looking at them. Before the pair of red eyes, the girls fled terrified.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Twenty of January 1996

It was early evening, and one elderly man was walking peacefully by the shore of the southern zone, preparing to return to his apartment overlooking the sea. He loved the city, and thought
had never been so happy in life, when his cellphone rang.
Thought not to attend but, unfortunately, all that was made in recent decades meant that he could not simply retire. Deep down, he knew that the duty would never abandon him.
- Reynolds - said to answer the phone.

- Mr Reynolds, I am sorry to bother you - said a voice in Portuguese. - We have an unexpected event in the south of Minas Gerais, and your embassy kindly reminded us of your services in the past and how you have great experience in these matters.

To be continued below

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FROM ROSWELL TO VARGINHA, First Chapter, part 2

Sao Paulo, Brazil.
May Sixth 2000

- ... And now we ask the Lord Almighty to welcome our brother, Angelo Barros, for the happiness of eternal life in His presence. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, amen!
The coffin slowly descended the grave, after the words the priest just has said. The relatives, saddened and relieved at the same time with the end of suffering of the patriarch, watched in silence. Ligia Barros, wiping tears, threw one last flower on the coffin of his grandfather. Soon, the gravediggers began working to cover it with soil.

People were retreating, and manifesting their sentiments to the family. Ligia remained a little distant, attached to the arm of her boyfriend, Arnaldo. His relationship with parents was not easy, but paradoxically accept that relationship, an attitude very different from the one they demonstrated in the day she became an agent of the Federal Police. Actually not even Ligia knew why she still insisted on that engagement with Arnaldo. Maybe just to please her parents.
Roberto Monteiro came running to the cemetery. Cursed his superior, who sent him to do a coverture in that day, even though been advised that its reporter was not available. Glad which ended the service on time.

Realized the movement of the people at distance, and started to walk slowly to catch his breath. Then a figure emerged from behind one of the luxurious tombs, facing him with curiosity. But what really surprised the young man was that the man called him by his name.
- Good morning, Mr. Monteiro.
- Who are you? - Asked Roberto.
- Say I'm a friend of the family - the old man replied.
The man appeared over seventy years old, although it seems well maintained. His vigorous handshake confirmed this last detail. He took off his hat and said:
- My feelings ... Angelo was our mutual friend.

- You know him, sir ...?
- My name is Reynolds. And in addition to Angelo, also known your grandfather, Mr. Monteiro.
- Did you know my grandfather?
The words of Roberto showed that he began to connect the points. His grandfather, Fabio, had also been military and colleague of Angelo. Both had been involved in a famous case, a possible close encounter, but for both families this was a forbidden subject. Already had other complications, the oldest in the families always said.
- For your expression, I see that I could draw your attention.

Remembering some unpleasant experiences, Roberto evaded. The name and accent denounced the old man as a North American, and his activities beyond the newspaper where he worked, he did not wanted more trouble:
- Draw my attention to what, Mr. Reynolds?
The old man smiled. Then he mentioned the notorious case of Fort Itaipu, when Angelo and Fabio had been protagonists. Reynolds claimed to be one of the American specialists who came to investigate it.
- And I also played some roles during my time as military advisor to the American Embassy in Brasilia, in the sixties.

And, almost inadvertently, Roberto was already fascinated. The old man seemed convincing. He and Ligia, longtime friends, always ewere interested in the topic about unidentified flying objects, and had already made numerous attempts to unravel the truth about the case of the Fort Itaipu. But always had bogged resistance in both the official media, as in their families.
The only one who had always supported was the father of Ligia, before an event, so tragic as inexplicably stopped him to help the young couple.
Even interested in what the man would have to tell, Roberto still had doubts. He started to walk over to talk to Ligia´s family, but the American said:

- I would prefer if you do not talk about me, especially to young Ligia. This is my card, we'll talk later.
Roberto kept the small piece of paper, then he saw the elderly touch his fingers on the hat as a greeting and then walk away. Disturbed, because for some time he walked away from that kind of investigation, Monteiro headed for the group at the tomb.
He greeted some of the Ligia´s relatives, most who had him in high regard, as a good family friend. For courtesy he greeted Ligia's boyfriend, Arnaldo. They didn´t like each other very much, and Roberto toght it was better that Arnaldo hasn´t any idea of the kind of relationship that he and her had.

Ligia approached Roberto and hugged him tightly. They knew each other since childhood, and the  death of Angelo was very hard for him too. They spoke briefly, and Ligia drowned in another fit of crying. In minutes, everyone said goodbye, and heading for their cars in the parking lot. Arnaldo commented some trivia trying to divert Ligia´s attention away, while Roberto talked to a member of her family. Soon everyone went out in their cars, and the three of them were the only who remained.
- Well, now I need to take a taxi. I still have to go to some places to the newspaper.

Roberto worked at the Correio Paulista, one of the leading newspapers in Sao Paulo, as a photographer. In parallel, write for OVNI  Magazine, the flagship publication of Brazil on the subject, plus an electronic journal that he edited along with three other friends. These three friends have always insisted that Roberto should leave the job at the newspapper and came to join them in their security consulting in computing. But Roberto loved the routine of the newspaper.
Arnaldo, almost ignoring Roberto, kissed Ligia and said:
- Want me to take you home? I can take a taxi to come pick up your car after ...
Ligia, tired of everything, thank him and said

- I know you have work to do, my love. You can leave, drive to my place will distract me. And I can give a ride to Roberto. I call you later, OK?
They kissed for the last time, and Arnaldo has demonstrated that he didnt like the decision of his fiancée. However, he preferred to avoid another discussion. Said goodbye to Roberto, entered his car and drove away, constantly looking to the watch.

- Your boyfriend is still the same.
- He is an executive at a large multinational corporaton, Roberto, is always with any meeting schedulled - said Ligia.
Neither really expected them to go to another place than the apartment of Ligia in Campo Belo. More than one hour after leaving the cemetery, Roberto kissed passionately Ligia once again turned in bed, and looked at the ceiling after interlacing your fingers behind his head:
- Ligia, honestly, why do you keep insisting on engagement with that frat boy?

She lay on her back, also looking up, without replying. For years maintained that relationship of lovers. In the beginning, a typical post adolescent madness, longtime friends who just feel an irresistible attraction for each other. But what seemed frivolous became a more solid relationship than any another any of them had already experienced. Ligia, finally, after lit a cigarette, answered with another question:
- And you, how much longer would you stay with Adriana?
Adriana was the latest of multiple and unstable relationships Roberto had. He thought he loved her, but at the same time he could not live without those moments with Ligia. Looked out for the clouds forming in the afternoon, typical of the city in May, and said:

- We both need to take some direction in life.
- I already have a direction, Roberto. Arnaldo and my family were trying to make me give up the federal police, but this is my life, and I will not do that.

She rummaged through her short brown hair, caught a small mirror on the bag and examined her eyes who also were brown. Ligia was 27 and was to celebrate the third anniversary as a federal agent. Roberto had just turned 25, had blue eyes and black hair, and after graduating in journalism, ventured on the most diverse media outlets since its graduation two years ago. Even in amajor TV network in the country had worked, and after his resignation from there, spent months traveling with a backpack through Europe. Part of the reason for being so involved with the job at Correio Paulista was to rebuilt his financial savings after that adventure.
Just as the family of Ligia, his own family also considered him a black sheep.
They turned to each other, kissed, and began again their games of seduction. Ligia, however, soon interrupted motivating the protest of Robert:
- Now that I was warming up ...
She went out of bed, took her clothes off the floor and began to wear. He turned and said:
- As if it were difficult or complicated heat either of you, men!

Roberto amused, admiring the beautiful forms of the lover, distributed over its 1.74 m high, one centimeter more than him. In the time it came together, formed a couple who called attention of everyone, because besides being the highest, Ligia loved to use high heels, and Roberto never lost the features of adolescent. On several situations, it behaved like a big baby. Ligia complained, but deep down loved this characteristic. She smoke the last cigarette for his despair:
- Ligia, for God's sake, when will you drop this nasty habit?
- I'm quitting. Have I got to smoke two packs a day now a packet last for two days.

- I say this because I care about your lungs.
- And not to forget other parts of my body, right?
She was already laughing when said that, grabbed each other again, and Ligia pushed Roberto back to bed while picking up her shirt. He decided to start dressing as well.
Reynolds´s  card fell from his pocket when Roberto dressed the shirt. Ligia picked it up off the floor, read it and asked:
- Some contact for a new crazy article about UFOs?
- I thought you also liked the subject.

She hugged him, laying her head on his shoulder. After a few seconds, they returned to kiss passionately. Ligia finally replied:
- Of course I still like. I need to know what really happened with our grandparents in 1957. And. ..

Robert was ready to make a remark about her father, but he restrained himself at the last instant. Losing the grandfather had been very painful for Ligia, and ought not to remind her of the fate of her father. He still returned to kiss her, said he'd call at night, and went away.

After Ligia found herself alone, she began to think. Had read the Phill Reynolds name on the card that Roberto dropped, and it was not strange for her. There were several publications and books about UFO in her apartment, some of which belong to Roberto, and other documents. In a  quick survey, not found nothing. Obsessed, she called the Three Crazy, who were hers and Roberto´s friends, and when Leandro attended she said to look for any thing related to the name of Phill Reynolds. Then she called the Federal Police, and was happy when Silvia attended:

- Silvia, back already? – Ligia said.
- Yes, my darling. How are you? Sorry could not go.
- No problem. Silvia, I wanted a favor from you, could you csearch, naturally in secrecy, something linked to the name Phil Reynolds?
- Sure, but you know how these things usually take ...
After hanging up, Ligia decided she needed a bath. Soon after entering the box, the phone rang, but she would not attend.
Putting her head out of the bathroom, heard the voice of Arnaldo recording his message on the answering machine, but she was not willing to talk to him. The name Reynolds would not leave her head.

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A Chupacabra´s short story

This is the English version of one of my Scifi short stories. The original
Portuguese one was publish under the title of "Irmãos", in my blog Escritor
com R, the link is at the side of this web page.
The caracters Roberto and Batista are the same from my book "De Roswell a
Varginha" (From Roswell to Varginha in the English translation).
Opportunately, very soon I will publish here the first chapter of it,
translated into English, OK? And the book can be purchased in the links at
the side.
I hope you all enjoy this short story...


The night was dark, it had rained for almost the entire afternoon, and the
ground was still wet.
That farm, near Limeira, all seemed quiet.
The animals, cows, oxen, pigs, sheep, hens, had been collected on their pens
or shelters, both at main house and in the small town of settlers, all the
lights were out. The only sounds were  made by insects and other nocturnal
inhabitants of the region.
No one noticed the small figure of just over one meter, which slipped
quietly into the shadows.
And, being dark, nobody could fix in his hands three fingers, ending in long
claws. Not even in their very sharp teeth, big oval head, either in the row
of small fins that ran through his back.
But certainly, if there were any witnesses, this could discern in the
darkness of night, and amid a chill of fear, the being´s red eyes. Eyes
sparkling in unusual way.
Thirsty eyes.
Inhuman eyes.
It was approaching the sheep-pen. The animals were awake, but contrary to
what one might suppose, were silent.
A silence motivated by absolute terror.
The simple click of the pen, who also had roof posed no obstacle. The hand,
although the grip was very functional.
The predator was confronted by his victims...
In the first settlers of the town house, situated next to a barn, a couple,
two natural and two adopted children slept. Suddenly, the latter agreed,
without the noise went to the barn.
- He is not here - said the girl.
- Where was it?.
His younger brother looked at the same time backward to the back door that
opened the barn. The being entered through it. The brother and sister
immediately noticed the blood that tinged the thin lips of its mouth.
The two looked at each other without saying a word. The boy took it for the
top floor, settling into a corner and covering it with a blanket. The girl,
with objectivity unusual for someone so young, said:
- No one can know that...
The next morning, a car stopped for a few moments in front of the entrance
to the property, waiting for the foreman who came running to identify who
came. He recognized the woman, whose visits the ranch had become common
these days, and triggered the command that opened the gate. The woman smiled
and drove the car by way of stone, standing on the great lawn, to the main
Another woman came to greet her:
- Luciana Monteiro, does not three days since your last visit.
- Ms. Alessandra Ferreira, as a lawyer of his brother in the division of
property left by your father, I fear that even my visits extending over a
long time.
The two women entered the house, sitting in the large living room. Luciana
never tired of admiring the marvelous property. Maybe one day, could have a
Began to address issues of sharing. Eduardo, Alessandra´s brother, had hired
the services of Luciana after realizing the great value of the property.
Never before been interested by it, but now wanted it only to himself.
- My brother hated since childhood, when the family came here every holyday.
Now he wants to take ownership of everything just for the value! This was
the passion of my father, would understand, Luciana? He loved it here, the
contact with the earth, nature, the help he always gave the settlers...
- Must understand, Alessandra, he is entitled to half.
- But you're here representing him, Luciana! And he, on several occasions,
has demonstrated his willingness to take possession of everything! That I
will not allow, even knowing that Eduardo does not mind it a bit with the
- You can not know...
Were interrupted by the foreman, who seemed to have seen a ghost:
- Ms. Alessandra... I think you should see one thing...
The man's expression was such that his boss excused herself and left behind
him. Luciana, curious, because the man looked really scared, decided to
accompany them.
Soon came to the fence of the sheep, where a picture of horror movie opened
before them.
Of a total of thirty animals, nine were lying on the floor, dead with no
sign of struggle. The most amazing thing was when Arthur, the foreman, with
the help of other workers took one between the carcasses and shook it.
- Do not have a drop of blood, boss! None!
They showed something else. All had a deep incision in the neck, where blood
was apparently sucked. The other animals were all huddled in a corner, not
daring to approach the bodies.
- I was with Celso, foreman of the farm of his neighbor Vladimir, and there
were chickens attacked there as well. What was it, madam?
Alessandra was almost in shock. Overall, those animals amounted considerable
Luciana was shaken, and suddenly remembered conversations and some magazine
articles that her brother had shown her. She said to herself that the very
thought of calling him would be folly.
Finally, Luciana and Arthur helped Alessandra to walk back home. The cook
was asked to prepare a tea.
Seeing the excitement that was formed on the fence of the sheep, the
children were curious. But the adults didn´t  allow, and sent them to the
path that led to school, where the children studied.
The pair of brothers who awakened the night before looked only briefly at
the scene and exchanged glances with each other. After one last look at the
old abandoned barn, themselves also on their way to school.
Interested in the strange events, Luciana asked Arthur to accompany her as
he again went to the neighboring properties. About two hours later, already
back, she remembered to use the cell phone and clear some other commitments
of the day. Thought back to that idea, impressed with what she had seen
while listening to the foreman tell the boss:
- Miss Alessandra, the people walking nearby commenting much about the
chupacabras, and other apparitions that like to kill the animals. For me,
this is a thing of the devil!
Alessandra, already recovered, did not want to listen to those stupid
stories when Luciana finally said:
- Alessandra... Well, it's a little tricky to talk about these things... But
my brother usually researches strange cases like this. Could help to stop
these rumors. In fact, he already told me that almost all the attacks are
the work of so dogs and other predators.
Faced with the question of the owner of the ranch, she also added:
- I'm an attorney of your brother, but before your attachment to property,
could count points if this issue was resolved quickly.
Shortly afterwards, Luciana dial a number on his cell phone. When your
brother responded by saying his name, she said:
- Little brother, how long! Yes, I know, for centuries not show... Stop,
Roberto, I want to tell you something!
That night, some men went to try and find an ounce, foxes, or any other wild
animal that was causing the deaths. One group followed the paved road
running across the entire region. A few kilometers away from the farm, they
found a camp of landless people on the roadside and stopped to investigate.
Were conducted in a climate of fear and mistrust, to a place where they had
some of their animals.
The light of their lanterns lit up the carcass of a calf was lying near some
trees. The landless said they had died a week ago, and there were no signs
of decomposition. However seen in the animal's neck, the strange brand of
drilling. Everything was even more mysterious.
They were returning home, and found the other group that had come out to
investigate on foot. The two groups of lanterns lit a cow, who was dying.
In its neck, a deep wound of unknown origin. There were no marks of blood on
the floor.
The next morning, a car-type SUV stopped in front of the gate, and two men
descended. One identified himself as the investigator called by the lawyer,
and both were able to enter. Alessandra came to greet them:
- Must be Luciana´s brother, Roberto?
- Myself - Roberto said. - This is a fellow researcher, Batista.
The woman greeted the other. For now, Roberto has not revealed that Batista
was one of three members of a security firm in Sao Paulo and, more
importantly, with his two friends edited the underground newspaper The
Lighthouse, which investigated all kinds of subjects, particularly
conspiracies and UFOs.
Luciana had described the case as complicated, and Roberto felt it was best
to come with reinforcements.
Alessandra, made the presentations, said:
- A person who provides services to me in Limeira knows some researchers in
the region, who arrived earlier. They are examining the cow attacked
The three walked to the spot, and by far Roberto acknowledged his fellow
researcher. Getting closer, said:
- Marcos Tavares, figured it had a chance to meet you here.
Marcos turned and shook hands with Roberto:
- And I thought that you would end up showing!
When Roberto presented Batista, Marcos said:
- Batista? Incidentally...
Halted in the midst of talks. It was obvious that would be better if he
didn´t finish the comment. Even if Marcos did not give much credence to what
the "Three Crazy," as Roberto sometimes described them, published in his
Marcos presented Renato, the youngest member of his group, which according
to him was what came closest to the mentality of the editors of The
Lighthouse. Without further ado, threw themselves at work.
The cow died at daybreak. Try as they might, could not save her. Batista
took charge of filming and photographing everything, including interviews
with the witnesses.
The weather cleared at about noon, the sun shone when a group of children,
coming from the community school that served the various farms in the area,
was walking down the road. Two of the settlers rushed to meet them so they
make a detour. Nobody wanted they to stay impressed with the vision of the
The children obeyed, but one of the boys, the highest class, began to cause:
- It's the fault of you, weirdos!
Began to push a boy much smaller. At this moment, for some reason could not
explain, Roberto had his attention drawn, and ran there.
The bully continued his provocation:
- It was you who called the chupacabras, I know! Everyone at school knows!
The nearest group made a circle, and some of the other boys began to scream,
wanting a fight occurred. A boy who was outside the circle approached and
entered the circle, talking to the bully:
- Stop it, Beto! Rodrigo is my brother!
Beto, bigger and stronger, pushed the newcomer, saying:
- You are a pussy, Jorge, and moreover he is not your brother! He and that
idiot sister were adopted! Are abnormal!

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A Chupacabra´s short story

- Freaks, freaks! - some of those present joined in chorus.
Roberto followed as he approached, and he thought to intervene, when a girl
who had been ahead, ran back and almost knocking the journalist and UFO
Before she arrived and could intervene in the fight, however, something
unexpected happened.
Jorge had dropped to the ground, and his adopted brother was helping him.
Beto, the bully, pushed, and Rodrigo also fell.
The younger boy seemed to reach its limit, he got up and pushed Beto.
The tough got almost two meters away, falling with his face on earth.
Everyone started to laugh when he arose.
He made to move against Rodrigo, but encountered his sister, Patricia:
- You will not get more confusing today, Beto! Do not even try!
Roberto finally reached the scene, and can see how the girl, a little lower,
glared with eyes, a blue so deep as those of his brother.
The most surprising thing was seeing the bully's pants get wet just below
the waist. While other children laughed, he went off running, passing Robert
with a look of pure terror in his eyes.
Children have returned to walk home. Many of them still had a day of farm
work the rest of the day. And Roberto was there surprised by the scene he
had observed.
When he returned to his colleagues, the questions were many, but he had no
The afternoon came and went, and finally started a new night. Throughout the
region are commenting on the events and people were afraid to go out into
the darkness.
However, a group formed again, ready to trap the mysterious predator. Those
deaths of animals meant a great loss, and all were afraid of the next
victims are human.
- What do you think Batista?
The friend of Roberto, who typed something on his laptop sitting on the back
of the SUV in which they came, startled. He turned and see one of the
interior ufologists that Roberto knew:
- Uh... Renato's, right?
- Yes, remembered my name.
No more, Renato began to admire the equipment that Batista had:
- Is it a satellite connection? Marcos told me in his narration about the
case that they investigated a few months ago that Robert has one just like
this! Are you one of his fellow hackers, aren´t you?
- Hey, keep your voice down!
- Well, relax! We are just two of us here.
Batista remembered what had heard about his new friend. Renato did was some
- Roberto has this same computer with him - he said.
- What?
Batista pointed to the laptop, the control unit, and the small satellite
dish on the roof of the van.
- He came to us, me and my associates, and lend this equipment. This time, I
decided to come with him, not to miss any detail of the "party".
A few minutes later, they were talking excitedly about UFOs, computers, and
a lot of issues. Batista could not help thinking that his colleagues would
disapprove of that behavior with someone who had just met, but between the
three he was the one who missed most of friends, girlfriends, or a normal
As if, given what they knew or did, any of this were possible...
- And what do you think is happening here?
The question of Renato ran for a few seconds. Batista, after some moments of
reflection, re-open the laptop and showed that he had received from their
base in Sao Paulo.
Pictures of animals that were attacked in other places, and even other
countries. The resemblance to what they had seen that day was impressive.
Renato was about to say something about it, when a noise coming from the
nearby forest alarmed them.
While the one from countryside was paralyzed with fright, the one from Sao
Paulo step ahead, already with a camera in hand. After a few steps, Batista
looked back and said:
- Are you not coming?
They slowly approached the bushes, when the same noise was heard, this time
stronger. After a few more steps, something happened that almost toppled.
A small shadow, a little over a meter high, went through them faster than
they could keep up with the look. Whatever it was, stood a little distance,
amid the darkness, as if it it was looking at them.
The two felt a chill when, amid the shadows, they saw two points of light
red. The sound of breath mingled, filling the air of expectation.
The creature moved toward them at the exact moment that Batista lifted his
camera. At that moment, something else happened, and this time the two men
went to ground.
Another shadow was brought on the road, crashed into the first being. The
two men could hear growls like had never heard before, something hideous
that filled them with fear. A series of quick movements later, and one of
the figures moved away, disappearing in a moment amid the forest.
The other turned to them briefly, before running towards the houses of the
At that point, some people came running, the beams of their flashlights
illuminating the surroundings.
The earliest arrivals were Robert and Marcos. Both noted how Baptist and
Renato were shaken. The hacker also was disappointed, because he could not
even hit a shot. The surprise prevented.
And also the terror.
They walked up to the houses of settlers, while the two witnesses told the
little they had seen. When they arrived, the noise they made, plus its loud
talk, just meant that everyone woke up.
- What happened? - Was the question everyone asked.
Before the words of the steward Arthur narrating what had happened, they all
began to look for. Nobody wanted to be surprised by some supernatural
But found nothing.
Robert still stopped at the door of the old barn, which was locked by a
thick chain with a padlock, both rusty:
- And here, someone looked inside?
Arthur approached, saying:
- Mr. Roberto, this barn is abandoned for several years. It has another
smaller door, we usually use when someone needs to get inside, but it is
also closed with a padlock. Then, of course, the animal did not enter.
Roberto had his doubts, but decided to give up for now. Rejoined the other,
but the searches resulted unsuccessful. They all went to sleep, because the
next day would have more work to do.
There were certainly two creatures in the region. After countless
speculation, they reached no conclusion about the behavior described by
Renato and Batista.
When all are gone, two little shadows came out for an opening, moving two
tables that were loose in the barn wall.
Patricia said, whispering, to Rodrigo:
- The time for change is coming.
His brother seemed to be taking it with ease when asked:
- And the other?
Patricia looked toward the ranch house, where she still heard the talk of
- That we can not save...
The next day, Saturday, early morning two car appeared at the entrance of
the farm. One was the lawyer Luciana, who followed a very expensive sport
model, the car of her client.
Eduardo parked taking up two parking spaces in front of the house, which
forced Luciana stop behind Batista´s SUV. She declined to comment, but was
increasingly disgusted by the attitudes of the client. Eduardo was one of
the most annoying snob.
- Good day, dear sister! – Eduardo said to Alessandra
Alessandra barely returned to compliance with the brother. Knew that feeling
was false. Undaunted, he was just saying:
- Honey, Luciana here will show you the terms of the purchase of land. I
wonder when is the best time to talk to their colonists.
- Eduardo...
He did not let his sister speak:
- Alessandra, I know you have faced losses. Did not realize that you'll be
rid of a burden?
- And do you not see I like it here, and I like the people who work with me?
Why does this idea persist?
Eduardo got up, walking around the room. He seemed very angry, but then it
stopped in front of large window on the front, saying in a false friendly
- Many projects are getting lots here, Alessandra. The farm sector,
agriculture and building, is already out of fashion throughout the region.
Alessandra no longer supported:
- "Out of fashion? Eduardo, you are so hypocrite!
The exchange of accusations and harsh words there was such that Luciana was
feeling worse and worse with everything. The most she regretted was that she
was helping that stupid guy...
The screaming stopped when they showed the ufologists. Alessandra, who was
in tears, excused herself and went into the kitchen to try to calm down.
Luciana made the introductions, and the first to stend the hand to Eduardo
was Marco.
The playboy, however, just stared at the outstretched hand, and said with
- Ah, you are such crazy people who came to investigate who is killing the
animals? You are losing your time! Within days, the property ceases to be a
He turned his back to them and left without asking permission, after calling
for Arthur.
Renato summed up the thought of all:
- Disgusting fellow, huh?
Luciana leaked the feeling that was suffocating her:
- The worst part is that he's my client! Wish I'd never have picked up this
Suddenly, everyone heard people screeming out there at the same time that
shots were fired. They go out, and encountered several people and children
running to the entrance of one of the many trails that penetrate the forest.
Adults just worried that children do not come close, but some ended up
passing. Luciana and the ufologists soon reached the spot where the shots
were fired, and could not believe what they saw.
Lying on the floor, amid a puddle that looked like blood, if the liquid was
not a much darker red, was a creature never seen before. Just over a meter
in length, a series of fins down the back, short tail, short black hair and
a big head, where stood a formidable jaws, lined with strong teeth.
Hands and feet of three fingers ended in sharp claws. The being was dying,
apparently bothered by the light of day, its red eyes looking at them.
The ufologists saw it in disbelief. Their search finally came to an end! Was
this the elusive chupacabras?
Within a few more moments, the being made gurgling sounds, and its body stop
Roberto, amid general consternation, could not help notice the two children
so different, Rodrigo and Patricia, who watched the scene with cool look.
Soon Milton, their adoptive father, took them away.
Renato and Batista has already went to get their equipment to make records
and take samples, when Edward, raising his voice so all of them could hear:
- I'll take the opportunity, as all are gathered here. As you know, I want
to acquire this property. My lawyer is here, and will inform you of what you
need to know. I want to warn you that your services here, starting next
week, no more will be needed. From next Monday, the Matão Farm will cease to

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A Chupacabra´s short story

As if the impact had not been enough, everyone there looked to be in full
stupor. Timid protests began to be heard when the man spoke again:
- The housing market goes nonstop for these lands, and came to the
conclusion that this area lends itself better to other purposes. Do not
worry, you will all receive a fair payment.
- But – said Arthur, the foreman - and our homes? And the school, which
serves several other farms in the region?
- Unfortunately, Arthur, this is not my problem.
And to the ufologists, Eduardo added:
- And you leave my property immediately!
Marcos was going to say something, but it was Roberto who exploded:
- Who do you think it is!? We came here to obtain evidence of a strange
phenomenon, and through that body, is what we do!
- In that case, my friend, call the police! Besides, do not need that kind
of advertising.
There were three gunmen, who at the behest of Edward "invited" them to
withdraw. There was no way to resist but Batista and Renato, chatting with
some of the settlers were trying to devise a plan to seize up the corpse of
the being.
They heard the last words of Edward:
- Well, ladies and gentlemen, what I had to say, I said. My lawyer will
handle the rest.
Robert turned to hear from his sister:
- Your lawyer has just left the case, Mr. Edward, go well!
That spoiled playboy was dumbfounded for a moment before he could say:
- You can not! The paperwork...
Luciana has turned, and calmly replied:
- Oh yes, papers, documents... I will destroy them immediately, of course! I
will not take part in an action so absurd. And without the papers, your
plans will have to wait, because in that case, the farm is still
The ufologists, like all others, walked away very satisfied. Neither the
employees who were escorting would receive more that kind of order, and then
they ran to catch her research material. The body of a possible alien was
After only about ten minutes they went back, and saw a small group
apparently returning from the place where the chupacabras was killed.
Eduardo was among their employees, and stated:
- As I said, I do not want this kind of advertising on my land!
They ran, but there was not much to do. Eduardo has ordered to set fire at
the corpse, and as much as they tried to smother it with large sheets of
nearby plants, almost nothing was left.
- I gather that the degradation of the body was very fast. Began immediately
after death.
Roberto dropped the sheet to wield no avail, and walked, stomped, without
listening to Marco´s assertion. The others soon realized, and were behind,
holding him. The researcher further said, almost shouting:
- I'll kill that bastard!
Batista, who rarely was the voice of reason among his partners in The
Lighthouse, this time said:
- Easy, Roberto, this is pointless. We managed to save some pieces of hair
and skin and bones. Maybe we can analyze them...
Roberto struggled somewhat secure by their arms, but eventually calmed down.
Marcos, the oldest there, joined the whole group and also said:
- And there is something we seem to forget. We have at least one more being
around here!
Spent the rest of the day talking to people there. Roberto has returned to
main house just in time to say goodbye to her sister. Luciana was done as
promised, take the papers of the case, then Eduardo would have to hire
another lawyer,  to start everything from scratch.
After promising to meet to talk about that complicated case, Luciana got
into her car and headed for the exit. A short toot, and she went down the
path to Sao Paulo.
By late afternoon, they decided to pause and sit down to chat in a leafy
square, just across the main house. The experiences that they exchanged
showed that all their theories went more or less in the same direction, as
Batista said:
- My partners sent via email some other reports on similar attacks, that
together with our investigation, converge in the same direction. The
phenomenon called by some the chupacabras is moving from the south, where
they resurfaced a few months ago and moved to this area, the interior of Sao
All agreed, and Marcos added:
- We had several cases in recent weeks, but we know that the majority is
from natural predators. Above, we know that many cities without having to
get rid of abandoned dogs, usually release them in neighboring
municipalities. Without being able to feed, eventually becoming hungry
- But the evidence we have gathered here... - Renato said. - Dogs do not
open locks, or leave the victims without blood, with a hole in the neck! And
we had a real chupacabras corpse within our reach! If only...
- Unfortunately, my friend - said Marcos - the "if" not worth!
The only one who did not speak was Roberto. Thoughtful, amused himself by
looking around, the birds among the branches of trees, the coming and going
of settlers.
Not so far, a group of children were enjoying the day off to play. Among
them, the couple of siblings who had called his attention since the
beginning of all that mess. Roberto followed them with his gaze, until
Batista called for the third time:
- Friend, you seem so far away from here... Roberto? Hello, Earth calling
He turned, looked at his colleagues, and eventually got up saying he needed
a bath. All reached the same conclusion, and after entering the main house
they walked down the aisle of guests.
Alessandra, has recovered from the untimely arrival of his brother, told
employees that provide everything needed, and said that soon the dinner
would be served.
Fortunately, Edward had gone to inspect the land on horseback, and had not
yet returned. The ufologists did hope that even more delayed.
It was around seven-thirty PM, and everyone was arriving for dinner, around
a table laden with typical food from the farm, when Eduardo came
breathlessly, with his clothes all dirty ground and seeming very frytened.
Ran to an office attached to the main room, lost a few seconds to fumble
with the key and entered. Came out seconds later, carrying a rifle and a
revolver, saying,
- I saw it! I saw it! He attacked me and my horse, and while it clung to the
horse's neck I took the time to flee. I'll hunt this thing and put and end
to this story the once and for all!
Ran out, while everyone stared in amazement.
Soon, there was nobody sitting at the table.
Formed small groups, and ufologists prepared this time to record everything,
went in search of Eduardo. The surprise of everyone, and his hurry,
prevented they had knew where the attack ocurred.
The researchers chose to stay in pairs, each with its usual companion.
Renato, as they walked cautiously by one of the tracks, he whispered to
- Marcos, will this time find the thing?
- I do not know.
- Does Batista is really one of the editors of that same newspaper, The
Attentive to everything, lighting here and there to not be surprised, Marcos
said only:
- I do not know.
The other group members kept their weapons ready, even though Marcos had
advised caution. Renato, after a while in silence, said:
- Well, if Batista is really with The Lighthouse, when they publish the next
issue, we'll...
- Would you please be quiet!?
The point was made that even Marcos, the more controlled and experienced
there, was nervous about the situation. Renato, cautiously, and after some
delay preferred to await the end of adventure to finally make his comments.
- Roberto.
- Speak up, Batista.
The beam of Arthur´s flashlight illuminated the foliage, while they walk the
trail. The dense fantastic climate was reinforced by the absence of noises
that were not their steps, their voices occasionally uttered some
observation, and his heavy breaths.
Behind them, two men with weapons in hand. Roberto felt uncomfortable,
because an accidental discharge could cause a disaster. He walked cautiously
while waiting for what Batista wanted to say. Anyway, he said:
- Is it really an alien, Roberto?
- You saw what I saw, Batista. We interviewed people, and some reported
strange lights at night, throughout the region. Rumors of such appearances,
they say, ran among the staff from neighboring properties.
- Would be a wave of UFOs? What do they want? And where the chupacabras fit
into this story?
Roberto looked all around, cold sweat, and awaiting an inexplicable
appearance at any moment. There were all tense and suggestibility, and could
confuse any animal that appeared suddenly with a strange and monstrous
The same confusion could occur with a person. And if so, would be tragic. He
preferred to try to quiet the mind, while answering the question of Batista:
- I do not know.
Far away, Eduardo walked cautiously toward its terrifying encounter earlier.
The gun was tucked in his belt, and the shotgun, where he had set a
flashlight with tape, was ready for use.
Although he had always hated that farm, always liked to do two things at a
time when his family gathered there almost every weekend. Loved to shoot
with his father, who atached targets in the trees, or when they do go
hunting. He even kill some foxes who were attacking the chickens once.
The fact that he used to that gun made him more relaxed. If the thing
appeared again, it would have no chance.
Needed to kill the monster, and get rid of the body the same way he had with
the other. Those retarded, the ufologists, could not stay with it. That
business was difficult, and this kind of nutty advertising was the least
Eduardo needed.
The other thing he loved was to ride Marta, the mare he had left with the
monster. Had no option because that thing could attack him instead. If that
hideous beast had injury Marta...
Eduardo, on tiptoe, approached the place where they last saw the mare.
Cautiously, moving away leaves that obstructed his vision he closing track,
he felt the beating of his heart speeding up.
Reached a small clearing and stopped breathing for a moment to encounter a
large figure, on the ground. He pointed the gun and the flashlight beam of a
large brown body, squatting on the ground.
He soon realized that it was Martha. The mare was sitting on the floor, his
head shacking. Eduardo came on, and the animal turned his head looked at
him. He bent down, patting the horse's muzzle, and in light of the lantern
noticed several bruises on body and neck of Marta. Blood flowed from all but
the smallest scars begin to heal.

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A Chupacabra´s short story

Plants felled everywhere prove that the mare had fought bravely with the
Eduardo left his animal, and began to search for the creature. Was
determined to make it pay.
Heard in the distance, his name being called. But he did not care. All that
mattered was to kill that thing.
Took another path, a little wider than that where he came from. He wiped his
sleeve with the abundant sweat that drenched his face.
- Come out, damn!
Ranted it quietly. Was hunting, and the memory of similar moments that
happened in childhood and adolescence gave him courage. Of course, at that
time, sought only animals while now...
Heard an almost imperceptible flick behind his back. Was so low that it
could only mean one thing.
The creature was very close.
Eduardo had just now become aware that the normal noises of the night were
not noticeable. Everything was silent. An awkward silence, heavy and
And terrifying.
He turned at once, and the lantern lit the torch of hairy and stocky body,
reflecting the pair of red eyes. Mouth large protruding teeth and claws were
held in attack position
Seconds passed. Eduardo had his gun pointed. His finger was pressed against
the trigger. But he was not firing.
He seemed frozen, as if the terror of the vision paralyzed him, stealing his
determination. Stealing his own soul.
Tears welled up in his eyes, in front of that inconceivable being. Eduardo
felt his thoughts scream, but he could not draw any reaction.
And the creature finally jumped on him...
The searches resulted fruitless until Sunday dawned. The mare Martha was
found, many wounds have healed. She could barely walk, but after bringing
food and water bowls to the animal, she finally managed to stand up, and was
lead to the corral.
Eduardo´s body was found about ten in the morning. Wide eyes, the frozen
expression of pure terror, and the same injury that the other victims had,
were all the proov they needed to know. Soon the police were called.
The ufologists, taking care not to change anything in the scene, have
searched the area. They found several footprints in the fresh soil of three
fingers, which rushed to take molds.
They also found footprints of shoes, including the manufacturer's mark in
them. And they were small footprints, like children´s footprints.
Marco, an expert in that type of evidence, did not have to look far to say:
- Were made at almost the same moment that the being´s.
Sought to follow the tracks and found something. An amazing thing, that had
never been mentioned in the annals of Ufology.
A pile that seemed to skin, was found a few dozen meters away from the body
of the unfortunate Eduardo. Roberto and Marcos put gloves and extended the
It was nothing more nor less, than the skin of one being identical to what
had been burned the previous morning. Complete, as if were clothes or a
costume, although there was no doubt it was really skin. It already gave off
an unbearable stench, and loose some pieces when they manipulated while.
Even the red cape that covered the eyes that had seen in the other being,
like glasses, was still there. The material they were made like a very thin
plastic, and break up with surprising ease.
Everything was still imbued with the strange blood very dark. But this time,
there was blood that seemed to have normal color in that way.
They realized that the remains have deteriorated quickly, and hastened to
store samples. Searching nearby, they found things that seemed to be teeth
and nails.
Something quite extraordinary happened. It seemed to be, the chupacabras,
had suffered a kind of metamorphosis. Marcos, who didn´t have the habbit of
making assumptions without first arranging a plea, was the one who raised
that possibility.
- A metamorphosis? You mean this thing turned into another? What?
For now, Renato´s questions went unanswered.
Something else caught their attention. The same traces of shoes were
everywhere at the site where they found the skin. Marcos said he was
convinced they are at least two people. They followed it until the traces
But when they disappeared, it became very clear that, from the place where
the skin has been found, there was another person, another child judging by
the size of the footprints. The toes of bare feet were clearly visible.
This time, nobody dared to raise assumptions.
The police came and made its usual work. Interrogated all of them, the
technical expertise the site, but could not reach any conclusion per hour.
They walked across the area where the body of Eduardo had been located,
without finding anything. The ufologists immediately realized that the
remains had decomposed completely within a few hours.
While the research was conducted, and a car came to take his body,
ufologists talked to Alessandra, who was still shaken, when Milton appeared,
who seemed very upset:
- Miss Alessandra, would you by chance saw Rodrigo or Patricia?
Roberto felt something that he could not explain, before the group meet
The day was almost over, and the various search parties found nothing.
Finally remembered to look at home of Milton and his wife Graça.
Most of the children´s clothes had disappeared. The parents noticed with
alarm that the new backpacks, bought to bring school supplies, also had
While combing all, Robert could not help noticing a recent photo, the whole
family together. Those two, Rodrigo and Patricia, were so different, stood
out from the others, their skin is clearer, and the eyes of an intense blue.
And he noticed a detail. The sneakers that Rodrigo and Patricia wore in the
photo. The same mark that appeared in the printed footsteps.
Roberto thought of saying something, but dropped out before opening his
mouth. Above, the couple's youngest daughter, Anna, six years old, came and
showed a paper she had in her hands:
- Mom, some of my clothes, and tennis also disappeared... And I found this
note, it seems Patricia´s handwriting.
Very quickly, Graça grabbed the paper and read. Within seconds, raised his
eyes wet with tears, and passed the paper to Milton. He also read the short
note, and put it on the coffee table, saying:
- They left!
The parents allowed the ufologists read the note. Patricia apologized to her
little sister, saying she now had someone else who needed the clothes and
say goodbye to Milton and Graça, saying they were great parents. She also
asked them not to worry because she and her siblings had a destiny to
- Siblings?
The question also remained unanswered.
Nothing more had to be investigated at the Matão farm. Alessandra said
goodbye to the ufologists, and promised to get in touch if they experience
other strange happenings again. Also asked Roberto to thank Luciana, who put
herself at the entire disposal of the owner of the farm.
Roberto and Batista spent Sunday night and Monday morning at Marco´s home,
who also served as the headquarters of his group. The rest of his staff
would not be back on Tuesday because were investigating another case in the
western state.
Nobody could sleep, however, and started to present some theories. Roberto
finally said something unbelievable, an assumption that deep down everyone
did, but apparently only he had the courage to externalize. Nobody wanted to
comment on it.
After lunch, Roberto and Batista went away, and all promised to keep in
On Wednesday night, already in his room at the headquarters of his company,
which had the third floor in the building to which very few people had
access, Batista felt immense difficulties in typing a coherent report. The
samples, fortunately, reached Sao Paulo intact, and had to be carefully
analyzed. Preliminary results indicated that the DNA looked like human DNA,
but had suffered a severe mutation. The specialist he contacted, an old
informant who always did such services for them, doubted that a being with
that kind of genetic defect could survive.
The only certainty for Batista was that in any way, it wasn´t a defect.
The phone rang and he answered. Heard the voice of Roberto:
- Batista, I can not sleep.
- We are two, buddy.
- What are you doing?
- Reviewing all. And writing a report for The Lighthouse.
Roberto laughed and asked:
- And what have you written?
He heard a deep sigh on the other side of the line, and Batista finally
- Nothing.
Roberto would make an observation, but it would be completely useless. Was
silent a moment before saying:
- What do you think of my hypothesis?
It was Batista's turn to laugh by answering the following:
- Roberto, and you call us "Three Mad”! That your theory...
- Batista, know what I saw. The boy knocked another kid much bigger than
him. Then the girl just stared at this bully and he is all wet. I saw his
expression of panic. Come on! You yourself have talked about telepathy in
your clandestine tabloid.
Batista fell silent as he listened to Roberto says that he would ask fellow
journalists, who worked on the same path followed by the phenomenon called
chupacabras, to do some investigation.
- I'm sure we will find other parents, concerned about the disappearance of
her adopted children.
Batista waited a few moments, as he reflected on Roberto´s hipothesis. Have
speculated about a strange kind of hybrid. There were reports of abductees,
who have seen beings part human and part alien aboard spacecraft. Finally,
he asked:
- Where do you think they are now, Roberto?
The question remained unanswered.
Around eleven in the morning the next day, on the road that gave access to
Poços de Caldas, southern Minas Gerais´s state, a truck driver stopped his
vehicle on the roadside after the older girl of that trio made a sign. He
opened the door and looked at three pairs of very blue eyes.
- Can you take us to the north of the state?
- Girl, sorry but not my way. And what three children as you are doing on
the road? It is dangerous, and...
He did not complete the sentence. His eyes were glazed suddenly. Upon
returning to normal, he asked the little ones to climb onboard.
- She is getting good at it, Patricia. But she needs a name.
- I know that, Rodrigo. Let's see... How about Cristiane?
The eyes of the little girl shine and a smile confirmed that she liked the
- We are close now - Patricia said. - Soon we will be with the others.
The truck, speeding, passing the entrance to Poços de Caldas, heading north.



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